The MiniCrops Initiative. 



Vertical Future’s food initiative, MiniCrops, uses agriculture technology to bring food production closer to London homes, reducing food miles and providing fresh, consistent, sustainable produce to households and restaurants.

Our first site in Deptford produces over one tonne of microgreens and microherbs every month - across more than 20 varieties. All produce is pesticide-free and our set-up yields up to 100 times more produce per square metre compared to traditional farming practices.

In addition to food production, we're also redefining the way that produce is transported in cities. All of our produce is delivered fresh to our end consumers within 6 hours of harvest using our own electric vehicles. This reaffirms our commitment to improving the environment and also means an end-to-end service for our customers. 

Education is also central to the initiative as we create ties with local schools, charities, further education, and higher education. This also includes collaborative research partnerships to make the most of our agricultural data.




One of the main objectives of the initiative is to build ties with the community. We'll therefore be undertaking a broad range of community projects and hosting events. If you are a school, local business, community or charitable organisation, and want to get involved, please get in touch. 


For the local community to be able to benefit the most from the initiative, it's important that we identify and forge local partnerships. Beyond the physical (food) element, we're interested in partnering with other social enterprises and local businesses to ensure that the value of our work is realised. 


In Spring 2017 we reached the point of revenue generation; a critical milestone for the company. We welcome the idea of bringing new investors on board as the business grows and are now actively exploring different fundraising avenues. To know more, please email our team.