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Vertical Future was established in 2016 by Jamie and Marie Burrows, who take on the roles of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief People Officer (CPO), respectively. Jamie and Marie both come from backgrounds in health, life sciences, and economic regeneration. ‍

Our planet is undergoing massive and, in some cases, irreversible change. Species are dying out, biodiversity is on the decline, climate change is happening at an alarming rate, crop varieties and insect populations are at risk, and humans continue to grow in number and expand in footprint. All these factors are impacting the quality of our food and in turn, our health. Vertical farming is not a ‘silver bullet’ but does allow us to produce certain crop varieties closer to points of consumption, growing fresh produce without soil and in controlled conditions – year-round. If implemented correctly, efficiently, and in a sustainable manner, vertical farming can enable and promote a better, healthier planet and population.

More than four years since the founding of Vertical Future, we have more than 30 dedicated staff working across various disciplines, market-leading hardware and software solutions, and a successful, operational growing arm of the business, Minicrops.

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